habitude warrior leaders dinner



Erik “Mr. AWESOME” Swanson’s Habitude Warrior Leaders Dinner is simply amazing and AWESOME!!! From time to time, Mr. Swanson gets a group of Leaders and Experts in different fields to come together, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy an amazing night of conversation and collaboration. He only invites those individuals who he feels makes a huge difference in the world of giving, sharing, and contributing to the world! This is strictly an ‘Invite Only’ event. The rules are simple. Show up early, NOT Late! Be there for the right reason… and that reason is to give, not receive. And finally, make true, meaningful and lasting relationships during this time and make sure you follow up with each individual to see how you can assist them with introductions, referrals or resources that you may have. Mr. Swanson has been secretly conducting these dinners for the past 10 years now in different restaurants in different cities across the United States and Internationally. They are super valuable in growing your business and personal relationships.  If you would like to be considered as a guest to one of our upcoming HABITUDE WARRIOR LEADERS DINNERs, Please send us your request to [email protected]