Jordan Brown

Author, Speaker, Mindset Coach!


Jordan Brown is a dynamic professional in a variety of industries. After attending Southern Illinois University in the Midwest, Jordan adventured to Southern California with her golden retriever, Charm, to pursue a life she could call her own. Jordan continues her passion of cheerleading as a personal cheer coach throughout Southern California. She enjoys sharing her insight and experience to cheerleaders one on one to meet their specific cheerleading goals. In addition, Jordan is in media production and modeling. Jordan loves to uplift her surrounding environment with a pure heart and strong work ethic, giving her best to any type of event, show, or photoshoot. Jordan values society’s health on a local and global level; therefore, she is involved in the dental industry as well and is a global ambassador for Global Dental Relief, which is a non-profit providing dental care for children all over the world. Deep within this author’s heart is a strong sense of empowerment and philanthropy bringing her commitment to participate with multiple non-profits. Jordan’s love for smiling was not only seen throughout her cheerleading career, but in all areas of life. Jordan has channeled this philosophy of bringing smiles to the world through everything she does! A Mind of Cheer is teaching one the philosophy of cheerleading and how it can be applied through all aspects of life to be a major positive light within our world. Speaker Erik Swanson is proud to include Jordan Brown on to the Habitude Warrior Conference Expert Female Panel!