About Christy Jones

Christy Jones loves to laugh and have fun while working. She adores seeing people feel comfortable and being themselves. She loves understanding people’s needs so she asks a lot of questions. She has found that is it through asking the right questions is that the root cause of what something is experiencing will appear.

As an experienced Certified Wholistic Health and Mindfulness Coach she runs a fun and unique private practice working individually with adults, teens and families teaching them how to listen to their internal body wisdom create a healthy mind and body with simple mindfulness and spiritual tools. She loves seeing people’s lives change with these tools.

She also provides essential mindfulness and spiritual trainings in schools for teachers, administers and students to raise their awareness into their identity as love. When adults and children accept this simple truth that they are love, whole and complete negative behaviors drastically diminish.

She believes the key to health is understanding how your body, mind and soul work together to create optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

Clients tell her they just can’t believe how much better they feel after working with her and that no one told them these simple mindfulness and spiritual tools before.

Many of her clients initially came to her because of struggling with digestive issues, high stress, anxiety, depression exacerbated by experiencing demanding work and home environments. She is passionate about teaching people to build a healthy gut since all health is dependent on the health of the gut.