About Doug Walz

For over 35 years Doug Walz has been promoting small business and entrepreneurial development. Growing up in a family business, Doug learned a great deal about working with and leading others. As well as the need for each person to find THEIR Passion to Pursue and why it’s important to “stay in your lane” when working with others. From Restaurants, Outdoor Advertising, Construction, Property Management, County/ State Government and Mobile Marketing, Doug has proven himself to be a leader. Doug lives in both Sebring, Fl. and San Clemente Ca. with his wife Kaylene and their three kids Brad, Blair and Brandon, where he runs several businesses. His latest project, Text Me Leads, is a powerful tool for Speakers, Podcasters, Broadcasters, Politicians, Realtors or anyone who has an audience. Text Me Leads can turn every smartphone in your audience, live or virtual, into a mobile Point-Of-Sale device. Empowering you to deliver pdf’s, video and audio immediately, as well as build your mailing list automatically. In 2012 Text Me Leads was launched and quickly adopted. Text Me Leads serves the business community by providing the easiest way to Feed Your Funnel.