About Erin Ley

Erin Ley has spent the last 30 years as a Life Coach & Executive Coach; Author of her character-building “Maggie The Magnificent” book series (ages 4-8) and empowering books for adults including “The Will To Live” & her International Bestselling Book, “WORK LUV” (ages 17-117); National & International Speaker; Certified Personal & Professional Mediator; Communication & Accountability Strategist; Host of the Radio Show, “Onward And Upward”; and, Host of many influential Summits including “LIFE ON TRACK”. As a cancer thriver at age 25, single mom at age 47, successful entrepreneur – Founder & CEO of Onward Productions Inc. at age 50 – and serial manifester when it matters most, Erin Ley has shown thousands upon thousands, across the globe, how to become victorious utilizing “Vision & Decision” thereby discovering how being focused, fearless, and excited about life and your future is a game-changer!

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