Jessica Leigh

Coach, Leader, Speaker

About Jessica

Jessica is a Leadership Coach with the Ascension leadership Program assisting individuals move to new heights in their careers as well as their personal lives. She is also a business developer for a litigation funding firm and legal service company in California. Volunteering for The Farley Project, where she speaks to inner city kids about character building and effects of bullying, Jessica comes to our Habitude Warrior Conferences as a leader in the community and assists us with our Junior Habitude Warrior Program teaching kids ages 8 to 18 in Confidence, Leadership, and Personal Development. Jessica is a dynamic speaker, author, and certified coach supporting others to realize their full potential. She has mentored youth for years, is a leader in her community, and founder of She has worked hard for what she has, and has been on both sides of the coin. Jessica was raised in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania, along with her older sister, by a hard-working single mom. The humble beginnings she experienced as a child set the stage for some rebellious years for Jessica. Answering to no one, she knew how to get what she wanted in an unhealthy way in order to get by. But ultimately Jessica knew she wanted more, knew it was time to sink or swim, so she started kicking. She became a court reporter and made a good life for herself working for various agencies in the Manhattan and Philadelphia areas, even working with a former U.S. president. Equal parts feminine, gritty, and free bird, she has seen and lived the good, the bad, and the hot messes. She’s spent over a decade sharpening her emotional intelligence and honing her skills in transformational work. Jessica currently lives happily on the West Coast with her pup, Jake.

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