Team Lead Jon Kovach Jr.

Jon Kovach Jr. is an award-winning and international motivational speaker, top-rated accountability champion, mastermind facilitator, and a strategic business consultant. He has helped multi-billion-dollar corporations, including Coldwell Banker Commercial, Outdoor Retailer Cotopaxi, and the Public Relations Student Society of America, exceed their annual sales goals through strategic communication plans and marketing strategies.
Jon sits President and CEO of Amplified Minds, a company that helps professionals become authorities in their industry through events, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Jon is the founder of the Champion Circle, a networking association that combines mastermind methodologies with next-gen networking fun to influence professionals in creating connection capital and prosperity. Jon is an affiliate partner of respected corporations, including Merchant Solution Services (MSS) and CBD Credit Card Processing. Jon speaks on a number of topics, accountability and mastermind methodologies. He stars on a number of stages, podcasts and live-hour shows as a host, emcee, and keynote speaker. Jon is the premiere mastermind facilitator and team leader for the Habitude Warrior Mastermind led by Speaker Erik Swanson.

Jon has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and salespersons achieve their sales goals and elevate their lifestyle dreams through his 4 Irrefutable Laws of High Performance, personal accountability systems, and his mastermind methodologies.