Michael Tracy

Speaker, Author, Coach

About Michael Tracy

Michael Tracy has spent the last decade in the trenches as a sales leader for telecommunications, marketing services, and cutting-edge SaaS startups. He is driven to help organizations large and small make more sales and generate more revenue. Michael’s dynamic and entertaining seminars are content rich and create measurable results. We are pleased to add Michael to our Habitude Warrior Conferences Worldwide! Michael Tracy is one of the top sales professionals working today. He has recruited, trained, managed and motivated several sales forces that have achieved many millions in sales results. In his first year of direct sales, Michael made more than 20,000 calls and experienced more than 19,000 rejections. His sales closing ratio went from one in 20 to one in three.  Within 12 months, he had moved to the top of his field, recruited and trained 30 salespeople and oversold his market. Michael is an entertaining, high-content, high-energy speaker. He teaches practical, proven strategies and techniques that people can use immediately to get faster sales results. Michael is the Founder of Sales Journey, a sales training company that teaches real world tactics. Sales Journey training is designed for sales professionals and business owners who need to get in front of more people, create productive relationships and make more sales. Michael is also the co-author of the worldwide best-selling book, “Unlimited Sales Success”, now offered in 12 different languages.Get ready to rock n roll with Michael at the Habitude Warrior Conference !