Paul Blanchard

Speaker, Sales Coach

About Paul Blanchard

Paul Blanchard is the President of Habit Finder. Considered a habit dynamics expert, Paul has spent the last 14 years as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, business leader, and coach focused on inspiring and teaching creators, entrepreneurs, and independent thinkers how to increase performance & income, and deepen relationships and fulfillment.

In 2010, Paul accepted an invitation to join the iconic Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, in building one of the top 25 Executive MBA programs in the world. Paul was responsible for growing the program by over 40% year over year at a time when most MBA’s were shrinking or evening closing their doors.

The latest chapter in his life was started in 2014 when his father made him an offer to join him and return from the east coast to partner with him in carrying the principles of Og Mandino into the 21st Century. Og Mandino wrote the perennial bestseller The Greatest Salesman in the World. This monumental book sold over 25 million copies in over 25 different languages and the Institute carries on Og’s legacy and his passion and dedication for challenging mediocrity and teaching the greatest secrets of success.

Paul has an insatiable passion to work with others on this journey of deep work and lasting success. He has had incredible triumphs and crushing defeats in life, each one giving him great insight into what actually works and what doesn’t. With diverse experience and proprietary principles and tools, Paul offers significant insight, guidance, and impact to your personal, business and organizational journey.

Above any and all professional accomplishments, Paul values his beautiful wife Ashley and three daughters Layla, Audrey, and Charly above everything in this life. They are his biggest cheerleaders, his bedrock of support, and the core of his passion in life.