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Habitude Warrior International prides themselves in delivering powerful, World Class Speakers to their stages each and every time! With over 21 years of experience in event planning and high end seminars and conferences, they know what they are doing! Are you an accomplished and proven Speaker or an Aspiring Speaker looking to grow and learn, and would like to join some of the Best Speakers in the world? Becoming one of our Speaker Sponsors is a way for you to bypass, if approved, the normal 2 year waiting list line of other great Speakers to jump on the Habitude Warrior Conference stage! You must be recommended to us by another Speaker or Affiliate associated with us already. We also obviously make sure you are an accomplished, proven, content driven Speaker.We look forward to getting you placed and have you start joining the ranks of some amazing and famous Speakers who have all shared our stages.

We currently have A two year waiting list to become a Speaker on one of our stages!

Speaker Sponsor Pricing Packages

All Speaker Sponsor Packages include the following: stage time, listing on our website promoting the event, entry in brochure for the event. These spots are a ‘no-selling’ from stage spots. You are welcome to encourage followers and use a lead gen, but no selling from stage. We require a 50% JV on the back end to Habitude Warrior Int. for any and all sales generated after the event from clients of the Habitude Warrior Conferences within a 12 month period.



10 minute talk time on stage.



20 minute talk time on stage.



30 minute talk time on stage.

You will have to show us your credentials

You will have to show us your credentials in being a very, well known Speaker with a proven track record of followers. The 2nd way to get on our stage is to become a Speaker Sponsor! We still have a qualification process… but this is a much faster way to join our stages providing we have room on certain events. We have 3 different pricing levels of the Speaker Sponsorship. Keep in mind, we keep it to ourselves that you are a “Speaker Sponsor.” We do not publicize that in any way as we want to make sure you are receiving as much notoriety and acknowledgement as one of our top Speakers. We also want to make sure the audience members are getting what they are expecting in an amazing Speaker Lineup!

How do I become a Speaker Sponsor?

Simply email us a request and we will get right back to you to discuss the options and dates available. Please understand that we do not approve just anyone. You must have a proven and positive track record in the speaking world… or recommended by 3 of our past Habitude Warrior Rockstars !!! To be considered to become a Speaker Sponsor please send us an email to: [email protected] Habitude Warrior International Team Phone 619-821-0933