Keynote Speaker, Anxiety Expert, and Aspergers Advocate


“Be The Blessing For Others And You Will Live Within Blessings” -Tucker Bearden
I am a Keynote Speaker, Anxiety Expert, and Aspergers Advocate.
Like many other children, I was born with a neurological abnormality that hinders ones natural ability to understand social cues as well as emotional responses known as Asperger’s.
When I was younger, making friends was a daunting task I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
The more people that are around, the harder it is to sustain my composure so imagine a leisurely stroll through Walmart becoming a horrifying experience that leaves you hospitalized with life-threatening panic attacks.
Throughout my life, I was fired from over 20 different jobs because of my lack of communication skills.
After enduring homelessness, addiction, multiple failed suicide attempts, and a long walk through the darkness, I found my purpose in serving others by sharing the knowledge I’ve been blessed with.
“If you can be the spark that lights the way through the darkness for even a single soul, your time will have been well invested and your life will have been worthwhile” -Tucker Bearden
It was a long road learning how to control my self around others. There are still challenges and I struggle at times but if you believe in something enough to push towards it EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter the trials and tribulations, you will achieve the greatness you are designed for.
So where did all this begin? 
I got a job working with thoroughbred racehorses as a Hot Walker which is someone who walks the horse around the barn for 30 minutes at a time until they are all cooled down from training.
After a few years, I became a groom which is twice the pay and ten times the work.
We worked seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year but I loved the connection I had with the animals.
See, I don’t connect with people very well but with animals, it is a completely different story.
I can feel what they feel. I am comfortable around them. There is no anxiety or tension.
Since we worked every day and most days were mornings and afternoons, I had to find a way to entertain my self.
So I started looking for videos on Youtube and came across something known as TEDx… My world changed forever.
The first one I ever got to see was of Tai Lopez. 
I felt a FIRE light in my soul! I had found my purpose! I knew THAT is what I am supposed to do!
So I had to formulate a plan to overcome this dangerous level of anxiety I had, and in a flash, it came to me.  PIZZA!!!
I began taking $50 out of every paycheck and going to Little Ceasers to get six Hot & Ready Pizzas each day.
I had a bicycle with a bungee cord so I rode my bike around town and found homeless people.
I would give them a pizza and ask them to tell me their story.
I did this every week for nearly a year before I began feeling comfortable talking to people.
I found that the more I compliment and listen intently, the easier it was because the conversation was about them and not me.
I had to practice listening without being distracted by my own tendency to over analyze the conversation. I really tried to grasp the meaning behind the message.
Much wisdom was shared, many friends were made and within all of it, the man I am today was born.
Your greatest challenges will become your most POWERFUL strengths!
I became a public speaker because I believe that if a person obtains knowledge capable of improving the lives of others, It is a raw act of selfishness to withhold that information from the world.
I now host Stay Humble Hustle Hard LIVE where I interview the men and women building this country, one business at a time so we can dig down deep and find the WHY behind the business. Everyone has a message and every message has a purpose. Here that message gets heard.